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 New Heights Physical Therapy is about results through relationships. Treatment is personalized to help you achieve your own new heights.

 Here’s what our clients are saying.

teddi“Deb seems to intuitively knows what my body needs even before I tell her what’s bothering me. She uses a skillful manual approach to identify the trouble areas and then stretches and loosens tight muscles.  She then teaches me how to continue my healing at home with exercises and other methods.

She’s amazingly brilliant about anatomy and physiology and how everything works together, and she’s a phenomenal teacher too.  But, what impresses me the most about Deb is that she never forgets that the mind and spirit are vitally important in healing the body. She listens, empathizes, and I know she cares about me as a person.

I have referred my family to Deb and they love her too. When my grandson, Charlie, was one year old he was told that he would probably require need a surgery on his eye to correct a tear duct that stayed opened and constantly teared.  Deb took one look at him and noticed an asymmetry in his face and realized that his problem was likely caused by an unbalanced posture and facial structure that could be corrected.  She worked with him a few times using Postural Restoration techniques and demonstrated to my daughter ways to position and stretch his body. Ultimately, it worked! He did not need to have surgery.  He is now seven and the problem has never come back.”

Teddi Walters

phil“Prior to meeting Deb Reagen, I worked with more than a dozen therapists. All were part of a group. None were able to satisfy my needs so they passed me on to others in their group to try. Eventually, I would give up and move on to another group until I found Deb. Progress has been so great that I now live normaly including shopping, dining out and travel. I can’t help but add, Deb is a pleasure to have as a therapist.”


“Every superlative in the English language may be applied to Deb’s personal and professional life as a Physical Therapist. She has NO equal. I have know Deb and been her client for many years. She has treated  my progressive diagnosed disease with the utmost competent, compassionate and professional care.  Deb is gifted with the ability to “read my body like a road map”.  Her knowledge of the human body and the many faceted connections she is able to make from soft tissue, to muscle to tendon etc. are  incredible. Her healing hands and great therapeutic technique comes from years of practice, devoted study of her profession with continued class work to improve her skills and to add to her treatment regimen. I recommend Deb as the best Physical Therapist I have ever known. She has relieved my pain, made my life worth living  and uplifted my spirit by her ever cheerful, kind and lovely demeanor.”

Teresina (Terri) Underhill

katy g“I ran my first marathon on October 5, 2014 at the Twin Cities Marathon.  It still hasn’t sunk in yet that I finally completed this goal, as it has been a challenging process.  After losing 75 pounds, I have been running since 2010.  In 2011, I discovered that I have SI joint dysfunction and pelvic instability.  I have been working with Deb on physical therapy since 2012 to increase my strength.  With the exercises, I have been able to continue running.  I have ran numerous 5Ks and 10Ks, 8 half marathons, and finally my first full marathon on October 5, 2014.  I feel amazing!  I never feel more alive than when I am running.  It has been my dream to run a marathon since I began running, and now it’s finally become a reality.  I am looking forward to continue running for many years to come.”

Katy G.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA“New Heights Physical Therapy helped me recover from two major motor vehicle accidents so I could get back to enjoying my life. Thank you, Deb!  I tried numerous therapists who could not relieve the chronic pain in my neck. Deb put me at ease and before I knew it, she was gently removing the pain from my neck.

I trust Deb to treat anyone who is suffering with chronic pain as I did for many years. I can ask Deb any health question. She taught, encouraged and shared with me her library of expertise, experiences and wisdom with a joyful spirit. Her genuine love for people is evident in the smiles of those she treats.”

Tanya F

“Thanks Deb, you are simply amazing.  I attended several different chiropractors over a 8 year period to work on a neck injury I sustained in my early 20’s.  Headaches and neck pains were a common occurrence. I achieved little to no relieve from these countless visits.  One visit to Deb and I had serious relief, and my headaches numbers were greatly reduced.  I have since been able to strengthen my neck due to the exercise’s that Deb recommended.  I appreciate Deb and her great work.”

Scott Witzel

“Deb has found the source of my pain and corrected it more times than I can count. She seems to have the unique combination of experience and training that enables her to intuit the problem and she’s not afraid to do the muscle work to release the tension. And she does all of this with humor and sensitivity. She obviously loves her work.

I have recommended her to many friends and would especially recommend her services  to those who haven’t gotten relief elsewhere.”

Jan Hayman